Note from Our Founder

Being a doctor , I wanted to be in comfortable clothes all day long. In my early years, I too wanted to dress in comfortable yet contemporary clothing than in the same whites, blacks and grey’s what was found in the market best for the profession.

From then, the journey  began. 

The creative in me thought of translating this hidden passion of mine to a full time business. And here I am, it’s been 4 years of Pallavi Agarwal Clothing, reaching several milestones while still having many more to go!


Elevated essentials & Flattering Silhouettes

The Brand

PAC is built on a foundation that doesn’t mass produce. Our signature aesthetic is born out of tastefully crafted; luxe clothing that conforms to no boundaries and celebrates your unique beauty, body types.

As a mindful luxury brand, PAC uses fabrics made from Organic cotton, Silk, mul mul, Linen and handloom fabrics.

The brand is all about multitude of colours, easy breathable fabrics, one of a kind prints. These pieces can translate from day-to-evening. Silhouettes that are designed keeping in mind every size and type. The brand is synonymous with simplicity and freshness.